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Unrivalled  CREATIVITY

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Over a Decade of  EXPERIENCE



Sans Pareil IT Services Private Limited is the leading provider of Quality - centric- Application Lifecycle Management(ALM) solutions for product development and IT organizations. As a high-end specializing in enterprise platforms and applications Sans Pareil envisions and delivers strategic and mission critical programs solutions to support our clients in their business transformation casestudies. Our strength in architecting large and complex applications is valuable to clients trying to create agilenIT systems. Our quality of work and the impact it creates is our self- governing benchmark.

Our development and delivery centers in India, Finland, Hong Kong and Mauritius serve numerous clients from India, US, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, UAE, Finland, Hong Kong, Mauritius, and the UK. Leveraging our experience over the decade of its operation more than 750 projects from multiple clients across the world. Sans Pareil has been able to continuously innovate in the formulation and delivery of relevant services to both users and providers of technology.


  • Absolute focus on the Solution
  • Access to new methods and technologies
  • Unparalleled expertise and support
  • Leading qualitative software developer

Clear Difference in Quality

A highly skilled professional service with a creative touch

Combining technology, design & media we build advanced connections between brands and their audiences. We create compelling solutions that deliver and sustain business growth, starting from web and mobile applications to complex business enterprise software.

We Deliver Best Produts


NEED to know how technology can bring you value?

Never stop looking for better solution. CONSULT US.


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Sales online
  • E-commerce system E-commerce system
  • E-services E-services
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Content managment
  • Content management system "SystemSight" Content management system "SystemSight"
  • Blogs & portals based on "Wordpress" Blogs & portals based on "Wordpress"
  • Video streaming solutions "Wowsa" Video streaming solutions "Wowsa"
  • Rich content management tools Rich content management tools
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Brand awareness & Marketing
  • Sweepstakes & Contests Sweepstakes & Contests
  • Mailing & SMS marketing Mailing & SMS marketing
  • Mobile applications Mobile applications
  • Games ( MMO, Single, Mobile ) Games ( MMO, Single, Mobile )
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Customer support & affinity
  • Online Surveys Online Surveys
  • Questionnaires & quizzes Questionnaires & quizzes
  • Social networks & intranets Social networks & intranets
  • Loyalty management systems Loyalty management systems
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Process automation
  • Loan management software Loan management software
  • Event management system Event management system
  • Document management software Document management software

Join a dynamic team of people who value excellence and quality.
Several highlights to help you make your choice:

High corporate culture is upheld in all Sans Pareil IT Services offices and divisions. We encourage all staff members to recognize the importance of their contribution to the overall goal to develop the business through uncompromised commitment to quality and attention to Customers and their requirements. We provide an effective, friendly and pleasant working environment, where staff members are encouraged to show initiative and commitment to their colleagues.

These committed staff members help us to build and maintain the excellent reputation, which Sans Pareil now has.It is often said that an organization is only as good as the quality of its staff: We are proud of ours!

Ethical imperatives – first and foremost, honesty and fair play – are perceived by Sans Pareil as the core of all its business activities. Basic ethical principles underlie constructive relationships of the Company with staff members, partners, and customers.

We aim to harmonize interests of staff members with the Company’s goal. This principle is implemented in corporate culture through commitment to high quality standards, mutual respect and friendliness, honesty, aspiration for individual development, orientation on results and professional tutorship. Stability. Sans Pareil has steadily strengthened its positions on IT market and now is deservedly considered a leader in its segment.

Efficient employment policy is one of the key factors of the sustainable performance of the Company. Our staff members, guided by responsibility and personal integrity, are professionals who strive for success in the interests of Sans Pareil as a global Company. That is why we employ the most capable and promising professionals. The recruitment is carried out by means of the specially devised techniques, which are highly informative and reliable.

Steady Professional and Personal Development of each Staff Member. The Company continuously constantly pays close attention to start-up and advanced trainings, to personal and professional development of its staff. Every employee has an opportunity to contribute his or her knowledge and abilities to the prosperity of Sans Pareil. Intellectual potential and experience are the key factors in the profitable growth of the Company.

Attractive corporate culture. The major principle of the employment policy is to harmonize interests of employees with the Company’s goals. These principles are realized in corporate culture, which is characterized by the following main features: commitment to highest quality standards, mutual respect, friendliness, honesty, aspiration for individual development, result orientation and professional tutorship.

Life-work balance. We believe that the best employees are active, cheerful people able not only to work with enthusiasm but to rest well too. We practice non-profit funding of the staff members’ social and cultural activities, leisure and sports. Football, Bowling and Chess Clubs activities followed by annual championships, joint celebration of the Company’s Birthday, Engineering Day or New Year helps to strengthen the team spirit and enjoy communication with colleagues in a non-working atmosphere.











For any suggestions or feedback, please E-mail us and we'd love to get in touch with you!

  For customer queries and feedback, write in to : support@sanspareiltech.com
  For inquiries related to industry analyst : industry@sanspareiltech.com
  For inquiries related to Human Resource : hr@sanspareiltech.com

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