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We understand your requirements very well. Whether you are a local towing company, or a salvage yard, or provide interstate or even global shipping and transportation, we have a solution to meet your technical and budgetary requirements. Some of our clients include global transportation conglomerates responsible for the import of new vehicles to the US for sale, and you can rest assured that we have vehicle data ready for use at the time that the vehicle is shipping.

Our data includes 1981-Present US Market Consumer and Light duty commercial vehicles. You will find length, height, width, GVW rating, GVW Range, Curb Weight, Payload Weight available as published by the OEM as well as data that is readily available in some cases.

All of our VIN data solutions make it easy to identify vehicles by VIN number with the least possible number of options where the VIN does not indicate some key piece of data.

Our is used to support over 14,000 Franchise dealerships in the US with both their new and used inventory marketing on a daily basis. As you have probably discovered in the process of your vendor evaluation and research, VIN is not as standard as one would think.

Characters within the VIN number are used differently year to year, and OEM to OEM. Our removes the need for you to spend any time figuring out the peculiarities of VIN numbers and simply provides reference to the vehicle, and displays available equipment where not indicated by the VIN.

Solution Options:

VINBasic:Includes the following VIN Pattern, Vehicle ID, Year, Make, Model, Trim, Style, Vehicle Type (Car, Truck etc), Body Type (Sedan, Coupe etc), Body Subtype (Crew Cab, King Cab etc), Doors, MSRP, Plant, Restraint Type, Length, Width, Height, Wheelbase, Curb Weight, GVW Rating, Wheel Dimensions, Fuel Tank, Capacity, Drive Type, Fuel Type, Engine Block Type, Cylinder Quantity, Engine Size, Engine Size UoM (Deprecated), Aspiration (Turbo, Supercharged), Transm. Type, Transm. # of Gears.

Full Auto Databases:

Basic Identification, Installed equipment, Available optional equipment, Available colors, Specifications, EPA / Mileage, MSRP Pricing, Options Pricing, Weights and Dimensions.

Note: Also the data found in the Full Auto Databases is also available via data on demand web services (single VIN lookup in real time)