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Sans Pareil IT Services is an offshore IT Services company offering world class applications and product development services. Sans Pareil IT Services offers a bespoke combination of IT & ITES. Sanspareil’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry has evolved from its earlier phases to now become a strategic partner who can explore innovative and high-value solutions for customers while also handling existing processes.

Customers expect BPO vendors to focus on streamlining not just the periphery but core business functions which can optimize business performance and create competitive differentiation in the market place.

Sans Pareil IT Services is basically a Information Technology provider has put a leap forward with Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service provider headquartered in Chennai, India with Global Delivery Capabilities.

Sans Pareil IT Services is a listed entity in the Indian Markets and has the pride of being one of the BPO players in India. Innovation in business driven by process centric delivery models is the quintessence of Sanspareil commitment to its stakeholders.

Sans Pareil IT Services offers a vast range of BPO services to enable high performance, including function-specific services such as procurement, HR and finance and accounting, as well as services geared to the needs of specific industries such as utilities, insurance and health care.

The Sans Pareil IT Services business transformation group is often the first point of engagement with our clients. The business transformation group provides four distinct services that allow us to develop a deep understanding of the client’s business before a solution is implemented, resulting group provides four distinct services that allow us to develop a deep understanding of the client's.

Our proven and reliable service delivery model serves the needs of our clients based across geographies. Customer focus, commitment to quality, compliance and long-term partnership are hallmarks of our service. We are a stable & trusted back-office experts with a long-term client engagement approach.