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Despite today's volatile economic climate, the Consumer and Business Services industry is poised to grow exponentially over the next five years as savvy companies have begun to find ways to cut-costs and streamline processes.


The Consumer and Business Services industry is possibly more diverse than any other industry, and therefore faces the widest variety of challenges. While the fate of the nation's economy remains uncertain, so does the Profitability of this industry, making competition stronger and results more important. Finding cutting-edge solutions that demand to be implemented is something that companies must do if they wish to survive this time of limited consumer spending.


Using the collective intelligence of your own company allows the people who know the industry to improve its effectiveness. Sans Pareil's unique software does this in the most efficient way available, connecting the company and allowing the best ideas to be heard.

Innovation in the business and consumer services industry is key to each company's success, and finding a way to implement those new ideas is just as important; both of which can be done with Sans Pareil's help.

Use Sans Pareil IT Services for Business and Consumer Services with:

  • ENTERPRISE SANS PAREIL’S- leverage your expansive employee base for the brightest ideas
  • Full suite of social software tools: forums, blogs, wikis, social profiles, activity streams and tags
  • Advanced analytics engine for finding the best ideas among all contributions
  • Idea trading market allows employees to buy and sell ideas
  • Contest Sans Pareil’s - propose challenges and contests to your public base of support