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Insurance companies today face multiple business and technology challenges brought in by the ever-changing face of the globalization. On top of this, the advent of financial crunch has put a lot of pressure on Insurance companies to change their business operations models and reorganizing their current IT systems. There is a definite need for insurers to look beyond the obvious and explore better and efficient ways of doing business.

Figure below depicts current challenges and business drivers for Insurance Companies in the current scenario.

Key Business Values:

  • Off-shelf, ready to use, pre-build components for “Hike Start” in development activities
  • Reduce dependencies on 3rd party vendors
  • Ready to deploy Insurance Portals

Experience Sans Pareil IT Services:

  • Experience working with “5 out of the Top 10 Insurance companies” across the Globe
  • Domain specialists with LOMA, CPCU, CII, FIII certifications, and over 80 technical consultants specialized in legacy & new cutting edge technologies
  • Global delivery capabilities to support global roll out options