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Media and Publishing is an industry with well-established traditions and principles of production.

The main concerns in printing and publishing are time and quality. Industry leaders have developed a set of special standards, picture formats, and color schemes. Using these standards, Sans Pareil has been developing applications that permit template customization (filling in the values of variables and quick preparation of files that are ready for high-quality printing).

We have also developed applications that help manage sophisticated book and booklet creation workflows. For example, starting with a set of disjointed materials, the client can manage the process, approve every step and end with a print-ready product.

Solutions that Sans Pareil has already delivered to clients or is currently working on are as follows:

  • Variable Data Printing system which includes printing template design capabilities as well as a server solution for templates processing
  • Production process automation system
  • Online design and workflow management package for creating & managing publications
  • Online advertisement creation package
  • Portal for information sharing between registered clients/companies

While working on these projects and communicating with our clients, Sans Pareil has gained a unique understanding of the culture, working environments and technologies used by the leading firms in the industry.

Areas of specific expertise include printing processes, variable data printing, Adobe Industry Standard and workflow management. What this means for a client is that the Data Art contact person will always be a seasoned professional, very knowledgeable, with excellent communication skills and always available locally in the US.

Sample projects

Marketing Material Management Tool

For a UK based customer Sans Pareil has developed an internet based marketing tool that greatly simplifies the process of creating customised marketing and advertising materials for manufacturers, retailers and franchises.

Local outlets need only an internet connection, web browser and a click of a mouse to create high quality print advertisements or documents and soon localised radio spots and customised video presentations.

The Direct Marketing component within this system is similar to a Mail Merge within Microsoft Word.

Sans Pareil assisted a major printing technology company with the development of a VDP (Variable Data Printing) suite which includes a printing template design tool as well as a server solution for templates processing.