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Full-time Chennai, TN

Full-time Chennai, TN

   Full-time Chennai, TN


Our Culture

At Sans Pareil IT Services, we look for the best and brightest. People with exceptional talent and incredible drive. In exchange for commitment, integrity, innovation and passion, we provide work that is challenging and rewarding.

We think about your future and keep a close eye on your career. And we like to grow our own leaders. Our global businesses and international culture provide plenty of opportunities for mobility and career development. Our CEO and many of his team exemplify how Sans Pareil trains and mentors its future leaders.

  • Sans Pareil IT Services and you

    Sans Pareil IT Services is a dynamic, exciting place to work. We hire exceptional people, and every one of them is empowered to think independently, to take initiative and be innovative. Our employees thrive on change, new technology and synergistic partnerships both inside and outside our organization. And while the work is exciting and ever changing, we know there's a time when work ends and life kicks in.
  • Sans Pareil IT Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer

    The Sans Pareil culture rewards excellence, entrepreneurialism and teamwork. We are a diverse workforce composed of world-class associates who bring unique expertise and strengths to various areas within the organization.And we take an entrepreneurial approach that demands creative thinking and asking (and answering) the tough questions.

    And while every one of us across the globe is a distinct individual, we share a few common attributes that bind us together and create a community of excellent performers.At Sans Pareil, we act as the client s proactive, principled partner. We partner with our clients to understand their ambitions, and partner with our colleagues across globally to deliver the right solutions. We adhere to the highest standards of ethical behavior.
  • Mission-Driven

    As Sans Pareil IT Services, we strive to make a positive impact on the world by working with our clients. We are passionate about our beliefs and enthusiastic about our work. This excitement directly affects our clients, who receive nothing but the most focused and dynamic effort we have to offer. Through this work with our clients, we can drive positive change on a global scale.

  • Committed to Success

    Wanting to make a difference and doing so are two completely separate ideas. At Sans Pareil IT Services, we do. We not only get to do what we do best every day, but we take infinite ownership and responsibility for our work. A shared focus on performance and achievement drives this accountability -- measurement is vital to us, and we won't stop working until we've met each goal and achieved every objective. We are self-starters who strive to make things better through hard work.

Recruiting Tips

Do you need some guidance on how to write your resume or CV and cover letter, how to prepare for interviews, and the proper way to respond to a job offer? Read our useful tips to help you put your best foot forward.

  • Your Resume /CV: Form

    Your resume or CV is the formal document that describes your skills, accomplishments and interests. It s also your marketing presentation. Be sure it s accurate, up-to-date and competitively positions you as the best possible candidate.
    Here are a few tips on form:
    - Use an easy-to-read conventional typeface, such as Arial or Times New Roman
    - Double-check all your contact information
    - Check grammar, tenses, parallel construction and formatting errors
    - Use active voice and action words such as: Directed, Developed, Managed, Performed, Led, Headed.
    - Ensure your resume or CV is in the required format for uploading [.doc, .rtf, .pdf, .jpg]
  • Your Resume /CV: Substance in Academics

    This is a concise description of your academic career, including coursework and extracurricular activities that demonstrate leadership and cognitive skills.
    Here, you will include:
    - Universities or institutes you ve attended
    - Dates of attendance in reverse chronological order
    - Your qualification or degree
    - Courses of study as they relate to the position
    - Scholarships, other awards and accomplishments
  • Your Resume /CV: Substance in Experience

    We are interested in your activities that demonstrate skills and personal development.
    This includes:
    - Relevant jobs, internships, school activities and volunteer work
    - Dates of employment or activity in reverse chronological order
    - Brief description of each job
    - Relevant metrics that demonstrate your rank, your results or your leadership
  • Your Resume /CV: Substance in Personal

    Information about who you are beyond school and work helps recruiters see you as a multi-faceted person with capabilities that may transfer to many areas of the bank.
    This includes:
    - Interests and hobbies
    - Talents
    - Language skills
    - Relevant technology proficiencies
    - Travel experiences

Recruitment Disclaimer

Sans Pareil IT Services is one of the few organizations that insist on a no-bond agreement with the selected candidate. This being the case, Sans Pareil IT Services does not entertain payment of any kind from candidates for employment.

We receive a number of complaints from candidates who get mails from various non-Sans Pareil IT Services IDs, offering employments note that these are fake job offers.

We have observed various instances of job opportunities being published in the media including Print, Websites, Blogs and other publicly available portals/virtual spaces. Please note that any such unauthorized publication of job opportunity and/or naming Sans Pareil IT Services in any form and connected with the organization Sans Pareil IT Services, is strictly prohibited, unless otherwise expressly authorized by Sans Pareil IT Services. Sans Pareil IT Services reserves the right to take legal action against such unauthorized publication(s).

Please also note that all mails to candidates have a statutory warning against payment of cash for securing jobs at Sans Pareil IT Services.