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The retail industry includes hundreds of thousands of employees who generate an even larger number of innovative ideas every day.

This dynamic space is driven by constant innovation, a process that Sans Pareil's enterprise platform handles with ease and flexibility. Your organization needs a comprehensive tool to capture and funnel these ideas in order to convert them to actionable projects.

With more than one million employees, our customer was sure there were many good ideas that they never heard. In an environment where competition comes in many forms - big box, specialty, web-based, international - accelerating the pace of innovation is critical.

The challenge is how to channel the ideas, perspectives and knowledge of a globally distributed workforce like many companies of the retail industry have.

This global retail industry leader selected Sans Pareil to help it drive new innovation. They established communities dedicated to ideas for: cost savings, transportation, sharing best practices around hiring, general operations and forecasting. Focused ideation events are run, which garner high participation levels. To find the top ideas, the company leverages the platform's analytics, including its idea-clustering engine. The result is ideas with significant impact, such as one that saves the company $8 million.

Use Sans Pareil for Retail with

  • Enterprise Sans Pareil - leverage your expansive employee base for the brightest ideas
  • Full suite of social software tools: forums, blogs, wikis, social profiles, activity streams and tags
  • Advanced analytics engine for finding the best ideas among all contributions Idea trading market allows employees to buy and sell ideas Contest Sans Pareil - propose challenges and contests to your public base of support
  • Easy access via customer self-registration Sharing of ideas via popular social media sites, including Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Full set of APIs for integration with other applications and sites
  • Prediction Sans Pareil - cut costs and reduce risk with accurate forecasting
  • Forecast project milestones, sales, and other events more accurately
  • Gain deep insight into your communities, tune your platform to your specified needs Offer tangible rewards for useful contributions