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CEO's Message

We are Leading the Industry into the Future As a leader in this industry, Sans Pareil IT Services does more than react to market trends. We anticipate and capitalize upon them. Sans Pareil wants to lead the industry to embrace emerging technologies. The fact is, Sans Pareil isn't just prepared for the future of technology distribution. We want to help redefine it.

We can do it. With the wide market coverage, Sans Pareil has an extremely comprehensive presence in world wide. We are now highly recognized for our network and have forged excellent partnerships.

Our commitment to our customers is our mission. I believe in hand-in-hand relationship with our customers. We work with our clients as our partners, understanding their individual business needs and mapping technology to meet today's requirements and tomorrow's challenges.

Board of Director's View

A company's biggest asset is its people, as is reflected in our guiding philosophy, "Technology is just a device, We Make the change". We focus on respect for individuals; be it my shareholders, customers, staff, business partners, the analysts and the media as well as every individual that affects the way we work.

Our Group's goal is to become a leading IT hub world wide, focusing on providing IT services and products which are essential components of IT infrastructures. The principal components of our strategy are Strengthening and creating relationships with leading IT providers Expanding market share through internal growth and strategic partnerships or acquisitions