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Sans Pareil IT Services Private Limited is the leading provider of Quality - centric - Application Lifecycle Management(ALM) solutions for product development and IT organizations. As a high-end specializing in enterprise platforms and applications Sans Pareil IT Services envisions and delivers strategic and mission critical programs solutions to support our clients in their business transformation initiatives.

Our strength in architecting large and complex applications is valuable to clients trying to create agilenIT systems. Our quality of work and the impact it creates is our self- governing benchmark. Our development and delivery centers serve numerous clients from India, US, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, UAE, Finland, Hong Kong, Mauritius, and the UK.

Leveraging our experience over the decade of its operation more than 750 projects from multiple clients across the world. Sans Pareil has been able to continuously innovate in the formulation and delivery of relevant services to both users and providers of technology.